How to Install Hoverwatch on Target Phone

how to install hoverwatch

Did you know that around 7 billion people use smartphones globally? This makes it a primary target for information access. In fact, according to a recent survey, every 3 in 4 people expressed concern about their digital safety.

So, what’s the solution to this? As our lives become more intertwined with technology, monitoring tools like Hoverwatch provide a solution to keep tabs on what matters most. Our guide caters to concerned parents and business owners seeking to safeguard sensitive data. By the end, you’ll know how to install Hoverwatch on target phone, how much Hoverwatch costs, and more!

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch app

Hoverwatch is your ultimate companion for keeping tabs on target phone. From recording SMS and call history to tracking social media interactions on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat, it offers a glimpse into the user’s activities in stealth mode. Even if your children are tech-savvy and familiar with their devices, this parental control app operates incognito. So you receive accurate information without raising any suspicion.

With Hoverwatch, you can track every aspect of the target device’s usage. Whether monitoring text messages and calls or keeping an eye on messenger platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, this mobile phone tracker ensures you’re always in the know.

How to Install Hoverwatch for Android

Hoverwatch android

If Hoverwatch for iOS differs from what you’re looking for, don’t worry! You can download the app on your Android, too, by following these steps:

Prepare Your Android Phone

  • Ensure that the Android phone where you want to install the app is ready.

Adjust Security Settings and Download

  • Then, navigate to Settings, General, and Security. Enable ‘Unknown sources’ to allow installations from sources other than the Play Store app.
  • Open the Play Store app. Tap on the Menu button and select ‘Play Protect.’ Disable ‘Scan device for security threats.’
  • Open your browser and visit Provide your email and password, then sign up for free to make your account.
  • Select the Android platform and click on ‘Download.’
  • If the Add Device page doesn’t appear, click the Menu button and select Add Device.

Install and Set Up Hoverwatch

  • Tap on setup.apk to begin the installation on someone’s phone. Follow the prompts by tapping Next, then Install and Open. Avoid opening the program from the Chrome download list.
  • Ensure the correct running of Hoverwatch by following these additional steps:

1. Select Activate and enable Usage tracking by choosing ‘Yes.’

2. Choose ‘Sync Service,’ then activate tracking for permitted usage.

3. Turn off battery optimization and confirm that the Sync Service app is deactivated.

4. Return to Hoverwatch, let the app capture the screen, and opt for ‘Don’t show again.’ Proceed by tapping ‘Start now.’

If prompted, tap ‘Yes’ to activate the device administrator. In a new message, tap ‘Activate.’

Installing Hoverwatch for Rooted Phones

  • If your phone is rooted, it’s ready for use. If not, during installation, you may encounter additional questions. When asked to restart, say ‘Yes.’ At the Request for Root Permission, check ‘Don’t ask again,’ then click ‘Authorize.’
  • Ensure your phone is properly rooted using the Root Checker available on the Play Store. Once you restart the device, the app will start working. In five or six minutes, information about the device will appear on your Hoverwatch account.

How to Install Hoverwatch on iPhone

Getting started with the Hoverwatch install process on your iPhone is a breeze. You don’t have to be a tech genius to utilize this spying app!

Access the App Store

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and type Hoverwatch into the search bar. Once you locate the Hoverwatch app, tap the Install button to initiate the download process.

Launch the Hoverwatch App

After the installation is complete, locate the Hoverwatch app icon on your home screen and tap to open it. Upon opening the app, you’ll be prompted to tap the Start button to track your device remotely.

Select Your Plan

Choose the plan that best suits your needs from the list of available options. You can select the plan that aligns with your monitoring requirements. Additionally, you can provide an email address for payment confirmation purposes, although this step is optional.

Configure Target Devices

Once you’ve selected your plan, follow the on-screen prompts to proceed. Provide your email address or credit card details for payment processing. Then, tap ‘Next’ and select the target phone you wish to monitor.

Yes, that’s all you need to do to get Hoverwatch for iPhone.

How much does Hoverwatch cost?

Hoverwatch offers three pricing plans tailored to Personal, Professional, and Business user needs.

Personal Plan

The Personal plan allows you to track one device. It provides access to all monitoring functions. You can opt for a subscription for one month at $19.95, 3 months at $49.95, or 12 months at $99.95.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan, priced from $9.99 per month per device, lets you monitor up to 5 devices simultaneously without physical access. This plan includes all monitoring functions, including a Mobile Viewer feature for convenience. Subscription options include one month for $49.95, three months for $99.95, or twelve months for $199.95.

Business Plan

The business plan is designed for larger-scale monitoring needs, with prices starting from $6.00 per month per device. This plan allows tracking of up to 25 devices in stealth mode. It offers all monitoring functions along with the Mobile Viewer feature. Subscriptions for the Business plan are available for one month at $149.95, 3 months at $299.95, or 12 months at $499.95.

How to Uninstall Hoverwatch?

If you’re looking to uninstall Hoverwatch from your device, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by launching the Hoverwatch application on your device.
  2. Once the application is open, navigate to the settings section.
  3. Within the settings, you’ll find the option to uninstall the application. Tap on this option to initiate the uninstallation process.

Additionally, if you prefer to suspend Hoverwatch remotely, you can do so from the control panel on the software’s website:

  1. Log in to your Hoverwatch account on
  2. Access your device settings from the control panel.
  3. Look for the “Stop Device Monitoring” option and click on it to suspend Hoverwatch remotely.


Can Hoverwatch work without installation?

No, you must install Hoverwatch on target phone for it to work.

Does Hoverwatch support remote installation?

No, Hoverwatch does not support remote installation. You must have access to the target phone to install the app.

How to hide the Hoverwatch icon?

You can turn the invisible operation mode on or off during the app’s installation. Check the box labeled “Activate an invisible mode on the device,” and you’ll enter the stealth mode.


In 5 minutes, Hoverwatch empowers you to safeguard your loved ones effortlessly. Say goodbye to worries about the safety of your hard-earned assets or the well-being of your family online. Stay ahead of potential risks with Hoverwatch. It’s the best protection available for those who matter most to you!

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