How to Install MobiStealth for Beginners

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When it comes to the protection of one’s children, parents always grow anxious about their whereabouts. This reaction is natural, especially as hundreds of thousands of children went missing in 2022 alone.

The MobiStealth app can prevent this and efficiently offer live locations, adding to your peace of mind. In this article, you will learn about the MobiStealth installation instructions so that you can protect your loved ones.

What Is MobiStealth App?


MobiStealth is a monitoring type of software that is installed on another person’s mobile phone. Once installed, it will monitor their activities in stealth mode, tracking any type of activity that is performed on the device.

For instance, if they go to places they should not be going to, view content they are not supposed to, or talk to people that could otherwise prove a danger, this app could alert you of these occurrences.

Aside from parental control, the MobiStealth for iPhone or Android app could also be used to monitor company-owned devices. This is done to ensure they are not used for personal gain and the employees respect their work hours. Should vigilance be required, MobiStealth can offer much-needed control and peace of mind.

MobiStealth is a discrete app that can be installed from a distance. There is no need to perform a MobiStealth iPhone jailbreak once you wish to have it installed. Its steps are easy to go through in 5 minutes at most, making the process simple for parents with little experience in technology.

How to Install MobiStealth Software

The steps to install MobiStealth are straightforward, and people of all technology levels should be able to follow them. Here is the process explained:

  1. Sign Up to the Service

The first step you should go through to install MobiStealth on someone’s phone is to sign up for the service itself. Select the plan that fits your needs the best and finalize the transaction.

  1. Install MobiStealth On Target Phone

The next step is to install the app on the target phone. The process depends on what kind of device they are using. You must install the app on their phone if they have an Android. Once you do, it will become hidden, and they will be none the wiser.

That said, if the target has an iPhone, you don’t need to install anything on their phone. You just need to configure the monitoring device with theirs. Once you do, you can track their activity without physical access.

  1. Begin Monitoring

With the app connected, all that is left to do is begin monitoring their activity. This can be done remotely and at every moment of the day. Depending on the plan that you go for, you can track activities such as calls, texts, social media, or their location.

How Much Does MobiStealth Cost?

Mobistealth price

The prices for MobiStealth software start at $13.33, depending on the plan that you wish to get. The subscriptions often differ, depending on what you need. You could opt for the following:

  • Basic Plan.
  • Pro Plan.
  • Premium Plan.

The higher the plan, the more surveillance options you should be able to get. For instance, while the basic plan offers all the standard surveillance options, such as SMS and call tracking, the pro offers GPS, and the premium gives remote camera access.

You can go for annual, monthly, or quote-based prices. The final cost can change based on current offerings, with long-term plans often being the most cost-effective option. To get more information on the MobiStealth Android spy software, you can ask the providers for a quote.

How to Uninstall MobiStealth Spy Software?

If you install without them knowing, there may be a moment when you’ll want to take down the MobiStealth app. Luckily, once it is installed, it can be easily taken down. Here is how you can have the app removed:

  • Manual Removal

Manual removal is likely the simplest way to uninstall the app from their phone without making it look suspicious. The first thing that you will have to do is put the phone into safe mode.

Once it is in this stage, every app installed should become visible. If you have a spy app installed on your phone without your knowledge, this allows you to see what’s running in the background. If you do have a spying app there, you can remove it by sending it to the trash.

  • Factory Reset

If the app was installed without jailbreak and without rooting, chances are high that there will be hidden information software. In that case, the best way to get the app off your device is to factory reset it.

Make sure that you save all the important information before resetting. The process will delete every app that did not come with the phone, making it an excellent way to get a clean slate.


When installing MobiStealth spy software, you may have several questions that you want answered. Please find some of the answers below:

What Devices Are Supported by MobiStealth?

MobiStealth is supported by both iPhone/iPad models and Android devices. Users can also install it on Mac and Windows computers.

Will Users Know if MobiStealth Is Installed or Running?

The application works in invisible mode, which means you shouldn’t see it installed the same way you see a regular app. Having said that, users might notice the app installed by observing the device’s behavior. Some MobiStealth reviews note a rapid decrease in battery life, slow phone operation, and overheating.

Does MobiStealth Offer a Free Trial?

Currently, MobiStealth does not have a trial that clients can get for free. That said, prices are convenient enough, and your budget will not suffer much if you decide to use the app.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, installing Mobistealth is a straightforward process. You just have to read the instructions and follow the necessary steps. Once you do, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and protect them or monitor them if you have any suspicions of cheating.

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