How to Install Spyera – Ultimate Guide for Parents

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With the rate of absenteeism nearly doubling over the past few years, concerned parents want to know their child’s whereabouts. Without this type of supervision, kids can skip school and put themselves in danger. We understand how stressful that can be, so we will provide the answer to “How does Spyera work?” and the steps to install it easily.

What Is Spyera?


Spyera is a type of software used to monitor and record activities on someone’s phone or computer. Parents generally use it to keep track of their children’s whereabouts and behavior, ensuring they are exactly where they said they were.

Spyera has various features, from monitoring one’s calls and texts to tracking their location and accessing web history. The app works in stealth mode, meaning it will not show up on the device once installed.

The app can be installed within minutes and works on most gadgets. You can get Spyera for Android, but it can also be used on iPhones. The installation process is relatively similar – once the app runs, you can access the target device remotely.

How to Install Spyera App

Installing Spyera is possible by accessing the target device. You can use a Spyera review for multiple tips and tricks, but the process only lasts a few minutes.

Keep in mind that you only need the target device for this, as you don’t have to install anything on your own phone. Below are some quick steps you should follow:

  1. Make the Plan Purchase

The first step is to get the subscription you believe is more suitable for your needs. Once you do, you will obtain the user manual, username, password, download link, and activation code.

  1. Log Into the Account

Now that you have all the necessary information, log into the web account using the target phone. Bear in mind that you can only install without them knowing if the phone has no security code. If it’s for their protection, your child should willingly give it to you.

  1. Go to the Installation Guide

Next, go to the “Help” section of the web page. In “User Manuals,” you should be able to see the “Installation Guide,” which shows the pre-installation configurations. Read all the steps there and download the URL on the page.

  1. Download the URL

Once you press download on the URL, the installation should start automatically. The app will take the necessary precautions to run in the background, and you won’t have to do anything else. Wait until the installation is finalized.

  1. Enter the Activation Code

Once the installation is complete, the last thing you need to do is enter the activation code for the app. This can be disabled later on from a remote device if you no longer need it. You don’t require the target device at this point, and you will be finished in 5 minutes.

How Much Does Spyera Cost?

Spyera pricing

While Spyera does not have a plan that comes for free or with a trial, prices range from $49 to $89 for a one-month subscription. The plan depends on the device you want to install it on, as each could have different features and requirements. You can get plans for one month or go for yearly subscriptions.

  • Smartphone: $89/month.
  • Tablet: $69/month.
  • Computer: $49/month.
  • All in One: $479/year.

Consider your needs and the devices available before making your choice. The most cost-effective option should give you all the features you require within just one plan.

How to Uninstall Spyera

If you install the app and want to remove it or you just discovered that you have a spy app on your device, there are ways to uninstall it.

  1. Uninstall the App from the Spyera Account

If you were the one to install the Spyera app, you can uninstall it remotely without jailbreak. This can be quickly done by going to your account’s dashboard. In the “Help” section, you have to access “Device Settings.” From there on, you can go to “Device Controls” and remove the device you are monitoring. Keep in mind that this will also remove all logs.

  1. Manual Uninstallation

If you don’t have access or realize you are spied on without consent, you can uninstall Spyera directly from the target device. As the app stays hidden in your general menu, you will have to go to the “Apps” section in your settings. If you see an unfamiliar app there, proceed to click “Uninstall.” Depending on the phone you have, this can sometimes be done only in safe mode.


If you have any other queries about Spyera, here are some common questions and answers:

Is Spyera Legit?

Spyera is a legit app that allows you to monitor one’s behavior based on their interaction with a device. For the most part, the program is legit, especially when used for child and employee monitoring (with consent). That said, some countries might require legal permission for you to install the app.

Does Spyera Work Without Rooting?

Spyera can easily be installed on target phones without rooting. However, you should remember that by doing so, some of the features might not work.

Can I Install Spyera Remotely?

No, Spyera is an app that cannot be installed without physical access. You need the device in your possession for a few moments. Once you install it, the app “hides,” and the target will not know you installed it.

The Bottom Line

Installing Spyera is a fairly straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. You just need access to the target device for a couple of minutes, and after that, you can start monitoring the person. Uninstalling the program is also simple if you decide the specific device no longer needs monitoring!

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