How to Install uMobix Without Someone Knowing

how to install umobix

Statistics show that 66% of adults install parental control apps on their children’s phones to block pornography and other inappropriate content. There’s a plethora of reasons that could prompt you to track someone’s device ─ from social media monitoring to limiting a minor’s screen time. Learning how to use uMobix can help you keep close tabs on your loved one’s digital interactions.

What is uMobix?

umobix app

uMobix is the ultimate mobile tracking solution for anyone wishing to monitor other people’s smartphone usage. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

Some of uMobix’s most popular features include:

Phone call monitor ─ uMobix provides a complete log of your target user’s incoming and outgoing calls. You can also access the callers’ info, call duration and timestamps.

Social media tracker ─ are you worried about your child’s online conversations? This app allows you to read their sent and received chat messages on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, WhatsApp and more.

Gallery viewer ─ you can also review photos, videos and other multimedia files that are stored on the target device.

GPS location tracker ─ uMobix allows you to view someone’s precise location in real time. You also get their route history, allowing you to see everywhere they’ve been.

Keylogger ─ this special feature records everything your child types on their device. This includes account passwords, outgoing messages and notes.

How to Install uMobix on Android

uMobix Android

Remarkably, you can install uMobix on the target phone without rooting. Here’s how to install uMobix on Android:

  • Visit the official uMobix website on your preferred PC browser and click on Try Now.
  • Create a free account and download the APK link that will be provided.
  • On the target Android device, launch any browser and paste the APK link you obtained. uMobix will automatically start downloading.
  • When the download process ends, open the file and tap Install.
  • Once the uMobix installation is complete, open the application and agree to its terms & conditions.
  • You’ll be provided with the option of activating the keylogger and setting it up automatically.
  • Next, enter the captcha that pops up and enable the necessary permissions.
  • To avoid making your loved one suspicious, delete the root file that you downloaded using the APK link.
  • Clear the target user’s browser history.
  • Go to Home Screen Settings and hide uMobix from being accessible on the device’s app drawer.
  • Tap Complete Installation and start tracking your loved one’s phone in real time.

How to Install uMobix on iPhone

uMobix iphone

This app can also be configured on an iOS device, allowing you to access a variety of information contained in the target iPhone. Some of the data you can gather includes messenger chats, call logs, iMessages, browsing history and calendar events.

Here’s how to install uMobix on iPhone:

  • Select your preferred subscription plan and complete the payment.
  • You’ll receive an email from uMobix with your account login details.
  • Sign into your new account and type your target user’s iCloud credentials.
  • Follow some instructions provided by the setup wizard to configure the appropriate settings.
  • Once done, wait for uMobix to gather all the necessary data and start tracking their device.

This app works in stealth mode, ensuring that your spying activities are kept secret. Impressively, setting up uMobix on your phone is easy and can be achieved in 5 minutes, thanks to its intuitive wizard.

uMobix Pricing

uMobix pricing

uMobix offers three distinct plans to customers: the 1-Month Pack, 3-Month Pack and 12-Month Pack.

The monthly subscription plan costs $49.99 and provides all tracking features, such as SMS monitoring, call log viewing and social media tracking.

On the other hand, the three-month plan costs $27.99/mo and the annual pack costs $11.66/mo, offering the best value for money.

To view these packages, you’ll have to register using a valid email address and select what type of device you’d like to track. It’s also important to note that each subscription works on a single device.

How to Uninstall uMobix

If you’re confident that your children are mature enough to make sound decisions, then you might be interested in how to uninstall uMobix.

The process of uninstalling uMobix is quite simple if you follow these steps:

  • On the target device, click on Settings and select Accessibility > Downloaded Apps > Play Services.
  • Once here, you can deactivate uMobix by toggling the “Stop tracking” button to the ON position.
  • Log into your account, visit the dashboard and click on Settings.
  • On the top-right section of your screen, click on your name icon and choose “Unlink.”
  • This action will remove your child’s phone from the list of devices being tracked.

If followed to the letter, this exhaustive guideline will help you to access the parent user space and ultimately unlink the target device from your uMobix account.

uMobix vs. mSpy

uMobix vs. mSpy

uMobix and mSpy are competitors in the spy app sphere. They both offer robust features that give users comprehensive insights into activities on a device—and parents use them to monitor their child’s online activities. We’re going to compare the two to see how they differ so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Features Variety

uMobix and mSpy offer a wide array of features. They are both comprehensive monitoring systems that allow you to access and monitor a range of aspects of device usage. This includes text messaging, call logs, emails, browsing history, social media activities, and more. There is also access to multimedia files and keylogging, as well as GPS tracking.

In addition to the comprehensive features that uMobix has, mSpy also has ambient recording, which means you can record the device’s surroundings by remotely activating the microphone. You can also record calls, lock the device remotely and block apps.

Ease of Use

Both apps prioritise user experience. uMobix’s dashboard provides easy access to data and various features. It is straightforward in design and can be customised, too. uMobix also works in real time, so you can see the data and activities as they happen. This means you can be proactive.

mSpy is similar to uMobix in terms of its customization and real-time data access. It’s a comprehensive solution but is fairly easy to get to grips with, particularly if you’re used to using a device anyway. It is a great platform that’s designed to be hassle-free.


uMobix and mSpy cater to a range of devices. mSpy supports Android and iOS devices. It has flexible options and supports devices whether they’re rooted or not. The same goes for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices on iOS.

uMobix has monitoring apps for both iOS and Android. Parents can also access their uMobix dashboard through their web browser on any platform. The parental app doesn’t need any setting up, it’s simply a case of logging in. However, the monitoring app on the kid’s device takes around 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

It’s worth noting that the monitoring app for iOS devices doesn’t show as much information as it does on Android, though this is not reflected in the price—you will still pay the same regardless of phone model.


uMobix and mSpy both have a range of price points to suit different needs. uMobix is priced on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or annual basis. The cheapest price per month is the annual plan, which works out at $11.66 per month. The quarterly plan costs $29.99 per month and the monthly plan costs $49.99.

mSpy’s pricing is similar, as is its subscription model. For one month of mSpy, you’ll pay $48.99 per month. For three months, this is $27.99 per month, and for 12 months, it costs $11.66 per month—which is the same as uMobix.

Features Variety4/55/5
Ease of UseStraightforwardVery easy
No-Jailbreak SolutionYesYes
Pricing $49.99$48.99


Does uMobix Work on iPhone?

Definitely! This app is compatible with all iOS versions. It can work on all iPhones and iPads with no exceptions.

Does uMobix Require Jailbreak?

This app can only be installed on a jailbroken iPhone since it requires root access to work effectively. In addition, you need to enable files from “Unknown Sources” and grant all requested permissions when installing uMobix on an Android device.

Is It Illegal to Use uMobix?

The legality of this app may vary from country to country. Make sure you review the data privacy laws of your particular state before installing uMobix on someone’s phone.

In many jurisdictions, monitoring another person’s device is allowed if they’re a minor or they have given you consent. If you own the device in question, then you have a right to track it.


Parents who monitor their children’s mobile phones frequently are able to discover red flags early in advance. In light of this fact, learning how to install uMobix on your loved one’s device will help you keep a close eye on their social media chats, SMS messages, call logs and more. This way, you’ll be better equipped to protect them from digital perils such as online stalkers and cyberbullies.

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