How to Install XNSPY: Easy Guide

how to install xnspy

We all have people we love dearly and often have concerns relevant to their social media or general phone usage. Be it kids or partners, some changes in the online world can betray them or make them victims of cyberbullying. This is especially a matter of concern for parents of teens. As the research shows, nearly half of all teens, around 49%, have been through some form of cyberbullying.

To protect your loved ones, there are spy solutions like XNSPY. You can use this application to ensure online safety and stay aware of other people’s activities. Now, the question is how to install XNSPY on Android or iPhone. Let’s walk you through the process.

What Is XNSPY?


XNSPY is a monitoring app for mobile devices. It was created to help businesses, parents, and individuals monitor their loved ones’ mobile activity. In the online world, where cyber crimes are increasing every day, it is important to protect your loved ones. How does XNSPY work? You just need to know that the app is enriched with different features allowing you to monitor different online activities, from browsing habits and history to contacts, email, message activity, etc.

Key Features:

  • Monitor Phone Activity
  • Monitor Messenger Activity
  • Read Emails
  • 24/7 Alerts
  • Send Remote Commands
  • Multimedia Files
  • Track Locations
  • Control Apps

How to Install XNSPY on Android?

XNSPY for Android

XNSPY Android is not available on the Google Play Store, so you need to follow specific steps to get it on target phone. Don’t be afraid of the unknown words, you do not have to be tech-savvy to cope with it. The process is pretty easy and takes up to 5-10 minutes:

  • Visit the website to download the XNSPY program.
  • On the download URL, select “Go.”
  • Permit downloading from unknown sources.
  • Launch XNSPY after installing it.
  • Permit to “Stop optimizing battery usage.”
  • Give every XNSPY permission.
  • Input the activation code for the XNSPY software.
  • Now, tap “Activate.” and then tap “start.”
  • Navigate to Accessibility > Android Auto > Turn it on.
  • Through the “Usage Data Access” menu, enable Android Auto.
  • Turn on “Permit usage tracking.”
  • From the “Notification Access” tab, enable Android Auto.
  • To enable the target device administrator, tap “Proceed” and move to the bottom of the subsequent screen.
  • After choosing “Don’t show again,” press “Start Now.”
  • Permit all Android Auto apps.
  • Press the “Start Monitoring” button.
  • On Android 13, select Android Auto by tapping Settings, followed by Apps, and enable Notifications.

How to Install XNSPY on iPhone

XNSPY for iPhone

XNSPY for iPhone is not in the Apple Store. But you might be looking for the answer to “how to install XNSPY on an iPhone no jailbreak?”. At the moment, the only way to set it up on IOS is to jailbreak it. To get the app on an iPhone follow this quick and detailed guide:

  • On the home screen of your iPhone, tap the Cydia symbol.
  • Tap on “Sources,” located at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the right side of the screen, select Edit.
  • On the left side of the screen, select Add.
  • A prompt will appear. Once you log in with your registered email, enter the iOS download URL and select “Add Source.”
  • Hold off until the phone confirms the URL.
  • Wait while the system updates the sources.
  • After the download is finished, select Return to Cydia.
  • Select the Monitoring App repo icon from the shown list. 
  • Press and hold the System folder.
  • Select the folder for the Monitoring App.
  • Select “Install” from the top-right corner of the screen, then select Confirm.
  • Await the Monitoring App’s preparation from the system.
  • After the installation is complete, press ‘Restart Springboard.’
  • Tap the ‘System Task’ app icon when the screen displays.
  • Enter the activation code for the XNSPY program that you received by email.
  • Once your XNSPY software Activation Code has been entered correctly, tap Activate.
  • The message “Software Successfully Activated” will appear. Press OK. Now, you can monitor the target device. 

How Much Does XNSPY Cost?

You can choose any of the 2 XNSPY packages: basic and premium. XNSPY does not offer a trial period – but you can check the demo version on the website to test it.

Basic: It starts at $29.99/month, but if you choose the quarterly plan, you will be paying $13.99/month (billed quarterly at $41.99). Otherwise, you can pay $4.99/month (billed annually at $59.99).

Premium: It starts from $35.99/month (billed monthly). If you choose a quarterly plan, you will pay $19.99/month (billed quarterly as $59.99). Otherwise, you can go for a yearly plan and pay $7.49/month (billed annually as $89.99). However, switching through the device requires a $10 fee for Android, and for iOS devices, it is $20. 

How to Uninstall XNSPY

If you want to uninstall the XNSPY app, you will navigate to Settings> Files> Android Auto > Uninstall. Remember that the app’s name is Android Auto, as it is set to keep it discrete on the target device. If you click on it, nothing will lead you to XNSPY. So, choose the right name, and you can uninstall it.


XNSPY Remote Installation: Is It Possible? 

No, XNSPY cannot be installed remotely without physical access. You need to get the XNSPY installation file from the XNSPY website to get XNSPY for Android or iPhone. Installation takes up to 10 minutes.

What Devices Are Compatible With XNSPY?

XNSPY Operates on All Devices and Networks Worldwide. You may effortlessly install the software on any iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet.

How to Detect XNSPY on Your Phone?

When the XNSPY spy app is downloaded, your phone won’t overheat, rapidly deplete the battery, or reboot as other spying apps do. It becomes increasingly challenging to figure out whether an Android phone has this app downloaded or not. The stealth mode of XNSPY is incredibly powerful and stays hidden even when you examine the installed apps in your phone’s settings.


So, here is a free method of how to install XNSPY. Just follow the process, and you can keep your loved ones safe from any online cyber crimes. However, if you encounter a problem, remember that the support team can always help. Get the app now and never worry about losing a loved one to online hate and bullies.

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