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how to install teen safe

Smartphones are now in the hands of all the people. Be it teenagers or the old boomers. However, parents have shown more concern about their teenage children. This age group is often an easy target for scammers and frauds. Yes, there is no doubt that today’s kids are better tech-savvy than their parents. However, these digitally informed kids need to be trained to deal with scammers or cyberbullies online.

As per the research, 59% of teens have to face cyberbullying online, and most often, 20% of the kids face it through social media. Taking away their tech devices is never going to help, so parents can use a solution like the Teen Safe Phone Tracker app. Now, how to set it up on someone’s phone? This is what the article is about. Let’s dive in to learn how do you install Teensafe.

What Is Teensafe?

Teensafe app

Before we dive into answering the question of how to set up Teen Safe, remember that it is an app about parental control. The app was created in 2011. Till now, it has been one of the best assistants for parents to spy on their kid’s activities on their phones. They can keep a close eye on all the activities including messages, emails, and even app use, etc.

The Most Prominent Features of Teensafe are:

  • Call Tracker:

You can get the recording of all the calls, be it incoming or outgoing.

  • Track SMS:

Get the details of all the messages both received and sent.

  • Track Location:

You can always be aware of the location of your kid.

  • Geo-fence Alert:

Set boundaries for your kids and get alters in case they cross it.

  • Track FB Messages:

Facebook can also capture teens into cyberbullying, so monitor their messages and media files for safety.

  • WhatsApp Spy:

Read every WhatsApp message they’ve sent and received.

  • Snapchat Spy:

You may view their Snapchat activity on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Instagram Spy:

Their private Instagram information is just a few clicks away.

  • Viber Spy:

Read their Viber private and group talks.

  • Track Website History:

You can also monitor the phone’s browser’s history.

  • Track SIM Location:

Get complete SIM card information, including location tags and the IMEI number.

How to Install Teensafe on Android?

Teensafe for Android

Teensafe for Android is one of the best Android phone tracking apps. Parents who have kids with Android devices can easily install it on target phones and track their phones completely. Teensafe can not be used without physical access to the target phone. You should download it on the target device and enjoy monitoring just in 5 minutes after installation.

Requirements for installation:

  • TeenSafe is subscription-based. There may be a free trial available but always double-check their rules before moving forward.
  • You will also need direct access to the target Android device.
  • During the process, you will need to disable Google Play Protect on it as it might cause security issues.

Steps to install Teensafe:

  1. Register and Subscribe: Visit the Teensafe website and create an account. Select a subscription plan.
  2. Download the application: During signup or through your account dashboard, you will most likely discover instructions for downloading the TeenSafe app to the target device. This will not be available via the Google Play Store.
  3. Install and customize: Simply allow the target device’s permissions. You can also hide the icon on the targeted device. If you choose to hide it, TeenSafe functions in complete stealth mode. For the launch, you will only dial **001** on the target device, and it will start.
  4. Monitor from Parent Device: Once configured, you may access your TeenSafe monitoring dashboard from any device (computer, phone, etc.) by entering your account credentials.

How is Teensafe installed on iPhone?

Teensafe for iPhone

There are a few requirements for installing Teensafe on iPhones. To access all of TeenSafe’s features, you must have a subscription. Remember, you can accomplish it without jailbreak.

In addition, you must target the iPhone’s iCloud credentials. To access the iPhone without touching it, you must first know the target user’s iCloud login and password. However, it is not available for download through the Apple Store. However, you have an alternate option.

Steps to Install Teensafe on iPhone

  1. Subscribe to TeenSafe: Visit the TeenSafe website and select a subscription plan.
  2. Check Compatibility: Ensure that your child’s iPhone model and iOS version are compatible with TeenSafe’s iCloud backup option.
  3. iCloud Requirements: On your child’s iPhone, enable iCloud Backup but disable Two-Factor Authentication (not recommended for security reasons).
  4. TeenSafe Setup: Access your TeenSafe account and enter your child’s iCloud credentials to configure monitoring options.

How Much Does Teen Safe Cost

Advanced monitoring apps like Teensafe can not be installed for free. Teen Safe has 3 packages available:

  1. Basic:

Price: $49.99 / Month

This is the basic package and is only applicable to one device. However, it only offers access to a few basic features.

  1. Premium:

Price: $69.99 / Month

This package offers Premium Android Monitoring for one device with an additional list of features. (No Root)

  1. Family:

Price: $89.99 / Month

This package offers you a Premium Android monitoring solution for 3 devices with all the features. (No Rooting)

How to Uninstall Teensafe

So, how to remove Teensafe? Well, it can be tricky. But here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to your device’s settings menu.
  2. Find “Apps” or “Applications” (depending on your device).
  3. Look for an app with a discreet name, such as “System Service” (it will not directly say Teensafe).
  4. If you’re unsure, try searching by app installation date.
  5. Once found, tap the app and select “Uninstall”.


How to Use Teensafe

To use Teensafe, first install the app on the target device (Android/iPhone). You will be required to use proper configurations and need to allow some permissions on the target device, too. Remember that the functionality and installation techniques vary between iPhones and Androids. Once installation is complete – you’ll be able to monitor a target device remotely.

How to Remove a Device From Teensafe

You can find the settings on the dashboard to remove the device from the teen safe. Alternatively, you might want to remove it from the device administrator settings on your target device.

What Is the Installation Process for Teensafe

TeenSafe can be installed on either your smartphone or your computer. Keep in mind that you will require brief physical access to the target device.

TeenSafe allows you to monitor Android phones and tablets without rooting them.

First, make sure the target device has the “Allow installs from unknown sources” option enabled. The option can be found in the Android Settings menu.

Make sure the target device has Wi-Fi or mobile data turned on. That completes it!

Teensafe: How Far Back Can I Find Deleted Messages

Teensafe gives you access to deleted messages that were deleted and sent during the period after installing the app. It does not track historical deleted messages.


So, now you learned how to set up Teensafe without them knowing. Keep your kids safe by monitoring their activities. Choose the package of your choice, and you will always have access to the most needed features.

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